Safety – start the discussion

Safety makes good business sense.

Start the discussion today.

  • Research by Comcare reports $5.81 return for every $1.00 spend on safety
  • Businesses with robust safety systems in place consistently outperform those that don’t.
  • Safety and productivity are no longer competing ideals and you do not need to sacrifice one in order to achieve the other

SkillServe ensure that when you on-board a new member of staff your safety obligations are met. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to safe and healthy workplaces. Whether it be temporary contract or permanent staff we’ve got your back.

Discussion can go so far to creating an incident free worksite. Often new employees particularly in the labour hire area get mixed messages from multiple parties. Having open frank discussion with them at the start of the contract ensures that they can be confident of the company safety commitment.

Labour hire employees need to be made feel confident that they can report safety related matters without the risk of losing their casual employment. Open and regular communication can go a long way in overcoming obstacles to safe workplaces and ensure that management know what is happening on site. There have been numerous serious incidents resulting in prosecution where senior management were completely unaware of serious safety issues on the site.